Transforming TCC Innovation Centre

August 26, 2022 | | News |


Transforming the New TCC Innovation Centre into a Smart Space


Recently, TCC and Illumenai teamed up to transform TCC’s brand new location, The Innovation Centre, at 1000 Innovation Drive in Kanata into a smart space.

How did we do this? With TCC’s approval and the technology of Illumenai’s state of the art system we installed smart, low voltage and programmable LED lighting. The system also offers several smart space apps designed to make the space safe and effective for tenants.

The lighting system, one of the most efficient on the market, assigns an IP address to each LED panel light, or group of pot lights thus making each individual light or group of lights controllable. Each tenant can have control of their own office lights using an intuitive web or android app installed in their computer or phone.
The lighting controls and features include variable temperature (warm white to bright white), variable intensity, daylight harvesting, scheduling and blue light boost and circadian rhythm. Given that the lighting system is 90% more efficient than the previous fluorescent lighting system, it will help reduce 4.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
The variable temperature, blue light boost and circadian rhythm features will provide several wellness benefits for occupants such as faster cognitive processing, increased alertness, improved mood, productivity and concentration and a reduction in errors and accidents.
The smart space apps include occupancy analytics, indoor air quality monitoring and sound masking. The occupancy analytics feature tracks occupancy and is capable of counting the number of occupants in a space as well as traffic flow. This helps determine space utilization so that under-utilized spaces can be redesigned, re-purposed or sub-let.
Indoor air quality sensors monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and air pressure. Thanks to the high resolution of sensors (one every six feet) these parameters can be measured at a granular level and used to identify and resolve indoor air quality problem areas before they affect the tenants.
The Illumenai platform uses a small sound dampening circuit to reduce the effective noise in low/medium frequency bands. The white noise used in this application is effective in improving tenant concentration, mood and performance by masking background office noise.

The Illumenai smart space technology will help TCC attract high quality tenants for years to come and will make the Innovation Centre a more productive and comfortable work environment while reducing its environmental impact.