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Smart spaces


Enlightened decisions for smart spaces


We are a smart spaces analytics platform with a number of useful capabilities, such as intelligent lighting and people analytics, that will help you reduce operating costs, increase wellness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What we do


The platform utilizes a range of smart spaces sensors that captures the important building metrics, such as occupancy, temperature, VOC, CO2, noise, illumination, fire and more.


The data stream from the sensors is continuously processed and analyzed to gain intelligence and insights.


Our smart spaces engine takes the analysis and gives suggestions that will enhance building operation. It also feeds this intelligence to the control system.


Our smart spaces platform can control the lighting to provide a tunable environment, and significant cost savings. We can also deliver high resolution environmental data to your building automation system, saving you even more.

Some benefits of our platform

We can save you up to 90% on your current electricity usage by intelligently controlling your lighting. That works out to around $600,000 per year for a 1 Million Sq Ft building. You would also reduce CO2 emissions by 1000 Tonnes per year.

With a built in white noise generation system, your employees will benefit from a quieter environment, enhancing productivity.

People analytics will provide you with the data you need to ensure you are using your space effectively, leading to significant growth savings.

As your users will have the ability to control their own environment, complaints will reduce to a trickle. You will see increased productivity in an individually tuned environment.

COVID-19 workplace re-entry solution

Our high resolution sensor array picks up occupancy data and applies algorithms to produce information critical for compliance with COVID-19 re-entry rules. illumenai can help with:

Time is of the essence!

We work well with these industries

Office spaces

With our high resolution and feature filled smart spaces sensor array, we can deliver precise visibility and recommendations based on real time data for a wide range of office environment needs.

Retirement homes

Partnering machine learning with smart spaces sensors such as sound and movement can provide health based insights to residents and support workers, helping to increase the quality of care.


Air quality sensors track environment quality. Movement sensors track patient activity and  cleaning visits to increase safety. Being able to control the lighting also provides a more comfortable healing environment.


Low voltage lighting can deliver significant cost savings, and smart spaces movement tracking can enhance that by only delivering light where needed. CO2 monitoring in an enclosed environment leads to improved safety.


Shopper movement tracking can provide critical insights into placement of product through the use of smart spaces algorithms. Appropriate tuning of lighting can provide a more comfortable experience for the customer.


Illumenai was professional and responsive from the very first interaction. They talked me through their offering and benefits in a very open and honest way. I was impressed by the attention to detail and communication throughout the whole process. They continue to support me whenever I need it and actively seek out my thoughts on the operation of the platform. The whole experience was painless, and I am getting the savings that they indicated at the outset. A very satisfied customer.

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Our Journey

Long, long ago (2016),
in a galaxy right here,
 there was a time where power over ethernet lighting did not exist.

Richard St-Jacques realized that there would be great benefit to being able to join the Low voltage LED lighting that he produced, to a low voltage power source, and be able to control those lights through the same infrastructure.
He had the idea, but didn’t know how to implement it. That is where Alun Davies jumped in.
In a chance meeting with Richard on another item, Alun asked about their lighting capabilities and how they were controlled. Richard explained his idea, and Alun saw the benefits and offered to help him execute on the implementation.

Richard and Alun worked with Algonquin College to come up with the first basic prototype and proof of concept in 2017. One of those students (Adam Paul) joined the team permanently and continues to work with us today.

Wayne Murray joined the team in 2018, and brought his vast understanding of building operations and standards. It was at this time that Wayne initiated a partnership with Carleton University, and initiated a whitepaper to verify the benefits of our system.

Also, in 2018, Janet Noon joined the executive team and started to work with the Principals to build a corporate culture and a team of diverse, talented trail blazers.

It was in 2019 that Alun started to steer the system to be an analytics platform with the intelligent lighting as the first operational module. The initial lighting system became our smart spaces platform.
During 2019 Bell Canada signed on as installation and sales partner. We are now a direct supplier to Bell for PoE smart spaces technology.

Since then, our smart spaces platform has evolved to include the capability for people analytics, asset tracking, intrusion detection and fire identification. The platform now includes white noise sound dampening technology as well.

We have implemented some A.I capabilities, and are working on a raft of new smart spaces machine learning abilities for people analytics.

As our product grows, so does our talented team. As we accelerate, we continue to help people, the planet and businesses prosper. The illuminai team is proud of its accomplishments.

Very recently, we have built some features to help businesses on their Covid re-entry strategies, and we continue to build and innovate. We care deeply about people, the planet and prosperity for all.