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Platform options

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Our smart space building analytics platform

The ILLUMENAI platform is built around very high resolution sensor capabilities, coupled with advanced analytics to produce a dynamic smart space system with a number of high value features

Overall capabilities

Post COVID 19 workplace re-entry


high resolution sensor data picks up occupancy and applies algorithms to produce key information for office and facility managers. This information will help maintain a safer workplace by ensuring that safe post Covid-19 procedures are being followed.

post covid-19 workplace re-entry
Image of multiple ways of representing smart spaces

Smart lighting

Use smart space analytics to save up to 90% of your lighting electricity costs, significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, and improve your employee wellness and productivity. Blue light management and circadian rhythm management delivers a highly tunable environment.

People analytics

Accurately and continuously measure the occupancy analytics of your space, allowing you to better utilize your available resources. Evaluate utilization, occupancy, and sharing ratio to assist you in defining a more productive, and more importantly, safe environment for your employees. 

Image representing people analytics
noise cancellation 5

White noise generation

Sound masking reduces employee distraction, which can increase productivity. Noise pollution can also cause physical stress, reducing employee wellness. White noise levels are adjusted dynamically based on the analytics derived from our sensor array. This will ensure the system itself does not become a distraction.

Asset tracking

Keep a highly accurate track of your valuable assets, or set up a warning notification if they leave a geofenced area. Opt in to allow the platform to react to your specific presence through your cell phone, and adjust your environment specifically for you.

asset tracking 2
hotspot detection in an office space

Hotspot acquisition

Working alongside the fire alarm, our platform can assist the emergency services by pinpointing the source of a fire as soon as it starts. The hotspot can be shown on a floor plan and the quickest way to the fire indicated. This can reduce risk to personnel as well as company assets.

Intrusion detection

Using alalytics from movement and badge tracking, our platform can determine, for specific areas, whether a person should be there during certain times, or whether anyone is present that does not have an authorized badge for that space. Notifications can be sent to multiple recipients to warn of a breach.

theft detection 2

Boosting the bottom line is always a key business initiative, but increasingly, significant weight is being given to employee wellness and productivity, along with carbon reduction efforts. Our platform provides triple benefit by improving these issues of people, planet and prosperity. Investing in a platform that delivers long-term solutions to managing building overheads, reducing greenhouse gases and increasing employee productivity, just makes sense. High resolution sensing, intelligent lighting 

control, integration to building automation systems and power utilities, people analytics, along with other powerful capabilities will help any business with all of these issues. Our POE/WiFi/LTE IoT cloud-based platform has the power to adapt to your future needs to deliver long-tern ROI.

Alun Davies – Co-CEO and product guy

Markets and studies

Primarily intended for commercial markets, the platform is infrastructure agnostic, in that it can use any CAT5 cable or better, any PoE switch and any 24v LED DC or AC dimmable lights. New builds can take advantage of the lower cost of installation of the PoE variant, while retrofits can take advantage of the lower cost of the WiFi control modules. An LTE variant is available for businesses that want a system that is decoupled from their infrastructure.

For new build or retrofit, out platform is extensible and modular. You can start off with a smaller installation, and easily extend to cover larger areas with no reconfiguration. Extra system capabilities can also be subscribed to with no changes in hardware other than adding the lighting capability by adding LED lights.

Offices, healthcare facilities, senior living facilities, retail, education are some of the structures that can take advantage of the savings, wellness and ecological benefits of our platform.