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People analytics

People related insights for your space

People analytics from ILLUMENAI

Extracting people analytics from high resolution building data

To identify people in a space, various sensors are used in conjunction with data science. These sensors include, movement, temperature, sound, CO2 and Bluetooth, to provide high resolution coverage of your space.

The platform feeds this data to the cloud through either:

  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology,
  2. WiFi either connected to the local network, or through Mesh technologies,
  3. LTE wireless technologies, providing a wide range of connection capabilities.

To provide the highest level of data security, the illumenai platform captures people movement in a non-identifying manner. The data is kept on world-class secure servers in the cloud (Amazon AWS).

To provide an even higher level of physical security, the illumenai platform can use Bluetooth tags, badges or phones to pinpoint authorized users.

Return on investment

The people analytics module can result in significant savings in building operating costs.

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Real-time sensing

Occupancy analysis

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Meeting space utilization

Activity assessment

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