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Image indicating we are driven by values (people, planet, prosperity).

Core beliefs

These are the pillars that we built the company upon

Pillars - people, planet, prosperity

We have built the company and the platform to satisfy three primary pillars: People, planet and prosperity. You may have heard a similar statement elsewhere: People, planet, profit. We felt that using profit as one of the pillars would drive the company and platform in the wrong direction. We believe that prosperity (a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition), can be shared by all, and is a much better target than pure profit. By building prosperity for all, including clients, employees and community, profit will come.


People are your most important and valuable asset. Any improvement to their work environment will pay dividends in the long term, both in reduced time off work and retained staff.

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Multiple of a person’s salary that it can cost to replace them (Forbes).

Human-centric tunable lighting has the potential to increase productivity through improved circadian rhythm management and the elimination of flicker-induced headaches.

Using a modern, innovative, holistic system, using ethernet which delivers power and communications to simplify operation, maximize control, and perform detailed workplace analysis will provide the data needed to deliver positive change. AI integration allows the system to adapt to the needs of the employee in the workplace environment.

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We are passionate about eliminating Greenhouse Gases due to inefficient work-space lighting, building control, and inefficient space utilization. We can massively reduce emissions due to our analytics based controls.

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This is how many metric Tonnes of CO2 that our analytics platform can reduce your emissions by ( for a 1M Square Foot building over 1 year).

We are supporting Oceana in helping protect our oceans.


The system prevents significant energy waste by adapting itself to the habits of your business operations, for example, reducing the running costs of lighting by up to 90% when compared to T8 fluorescent lighting.

An intelligent lighting solution not only reduces energy consumption, but benefits your most important asset—your employees, helping to reduce staff turnover.

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That’s how much you can save over five years for a one million square foot building for lighting savings alone.

People analytics will allow you to manage your workplace more efficiently, driving reductions in heating/cooling and reducing the investment needed for growth.

Image indicating platform pricing and cost savings of our solution

Visit our emissions calculator to find out how much you can reduce your CO2 emissions.

Visit our cost savings calculator to find out how much you can save on electricity costs.

Visit our space savings calculator to find out how much you can save by using your space more efficiently.