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In today’s complex world, maintaining a healthy and productive workplace while reducing your business’ impact on climate change is important.
We believe in fighting for the environment and employee well-being. We also know that this can be done while reducing your overheads.
Seems like a no brainer to us.
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We care about the environment

We are passionate about eliminating Greenhouse Gases due to inefficient work-space lighting and building control. We can massively reduce emissions due to our analytics based controls.

We care about employee wellness

People are your most important and costly resources. Any improvement to their work environment will pay dividends in the long term, both in reduced time off work and retained staff.

We care about saving you money

Not only can we reduce your electricity usage by up to 90%, our system is also cheaper to install than a standard electrical based system.

We are an IoT company focusing on meshing data with intelligent control of building functions.
Our initial offering is a smart lighting system that uses a range of sensors to provide smart control of the employee environment for maximum comfort.
However, we are not stopping there. We also provide high resolution data for building automation systems to better manage temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and air quality.
We are also working on a system that will pinpoint a fire to help save lives and property, intrusion detection to help protect assets, along with an asset tracking system to precisely track key assets.
People flow analytics is also a key focus for us, which will ensure that your company is using all its space efficiently.
To top it off, there is a white noise generator in each fixture to reduce audio distractions in the workplace.

With our very high resolution sensor capabilities, coupled with advanced analytics, we can significantly reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We can also enhance your employees’ environment, which increases wellness, reduces absenteeism and helps everyone feel more at home.

Our control system can use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the LED lights and communicate to the individual light fixtures, making it easier and cheaper to install. We can also use WiFi for control, and existing AC circuits for power.Our system can vary the lighting from 3000 Kelvin (warm White) up to 6000 Kelvin (Bright White), while controlling the brightness from 1% up to the full brightness of 8,000 Lumens (at 80 Watts power). It can also control RGB lights for Billions of available colours.

We have been working with Carleton University in Ottawa on a whitepaper to show the incredible savings that our methods can return. Contact us for a copy of the paper.

With our high resolution Bluetooth beacon system, we can track assets very accurately within the building, and can provide notifications when they leave predefined areas.

We can identify and pinpoint flames to a high resolution, helping the emergency services locate and deal with issues quickly and with potentially lower impact to property and people.

Using zones and schedules, we can send notifications when an unexpected person enters a space.

It is widely believed that as much as 50% of a buildings’ space is un-utilized. The resources used to maintain this space is significant. Our system will help you to identify these areas and the way that the staff uses the space. This will allow you to reconfigure to maximize your investment.

People analytics will also help you to design a space that ‘flows’ better, giving your employees a more comfortable space to encourage innovation.

With a partial or full open concept, comes increased noise. Our system houses an adjustable White noise generator that cuts down on that perceived noise, allowing your staff to focus better on their tasks.

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Lets Talk!

There are a great number of other money and environment saving features that we would like to talk to you about. Give us a call - you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!

illumenai no background benefits both your bottom line and the environment by facilitating a reduction in CO2 emissions- over 160,000 lbs per year for a one million square foot building.

We are supporting Oceana in helping protect our oceans.

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illumenai no background is a holistic system, using ethernet which delivers power and communications to simplify operation, maximize control, and perform detailed workplace analysis. AI integration allows the system to adapt to the needs of the employee in the workplace environment.

Human-centric lighting has the potential to increase productivity through improved circadian rhythm management and the elimination of flicker-induced headaches.

illumenai no background prevents significant energy waste by adapting itself to the habits of your business operations, reducing the running costs of lighting by up to 90% when compared to T8 fluorescent lighting. That’s more than $3M in savings over five years for a one million square foot building.

An intelligent lighting solution not only reduces energy consumption, but benefits your most important asset—your employees.

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